About me

Hullo, my name’s Jono! I’m actually pretty new to the programming world. So let me initally plead ignorance. I read articles from brilliant people, who have way more development and life experience than I do. Sometimes I disagree with them, I’m sorry. I will likely be wrong.

I started doing programming (a bit) at the end of ~2009, with my first university class I accidentally took.

A note when reading my posts I am fairly concentious now, though this if from training not natural intuition. So if I come across as insensitive, or in some way daft, please forgive me and let me know. I’ll add it to my training set.

Pretty much the whole time I’ve been in school, and I started workin in the industring around 3 years ago. It’s been a wild ride. I didn’t ever consider computer science, I mean what is that anyways?

Quick story of my life:

  1. Graduated high school
  2. Got a career in sales
  3. Sold cars
  4. Sold financial services
  5. Decided it didn’t make me feel fulfilled
  6. went back to university for Psychology
  7. took my first CS course
  8. Became a teching assistant for that course
  9. Spiralled into the awesome of CS
  10. got married
  11. Graduated with a CS degree
  12. Started my masters in CS
  13. finished all my masters courses (yes!)
  14. Currently splitting my time between thesis research and work

I really appreciate you stopping by my site, I’ve wanted to write for a while - and I want it to be useful. Please reach out to me on here, or on twitter. Thanks!