To choose or not to choose boring tech

Should we really do everythingthing Dan says? Maybe. Maybe not.

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Best articles of Nov

My favorite articles of November 2015, most with summaries!

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Important Name Thingies in CS

A cheatsheet for laws and principles in Computer science! YAY!

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Opinion on: Truth and Consequences of the Technical Track

Howdy, I read an article and felt I wanted to add something. First I’m going to summarize this blog post. from a CTO named Camille. It’s a response to a post from Dan McKinnely. I’ll give a short summary of the main points. Then I will give hopefully useful addition on these two great articles which I enjoyed. I’ll use both Camille’s and Dan’s names in the post. Camille’s post Camille is trying to make tech employees appreciate management more. Read On →


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